I am so thrilled to see when our styling products are used in new ways, but especially so when I received this heartwarming newborn gallery by Nikki Daskalakis of Shotgunning for Love. Proud Dad Rudney Novaes shares his heart, and it is impossible not to feel the love in this beautiful growing family.

From Rudney & Gary, "We are celebrating a long awaited dream of welcoming Matteo to our family. Believe it or not, this wholesome bundle of goodness has simplified our lives. Our priorities have shifted and our professions, social lives, and other activities have taken a back seat. The reason for this is we want to be present and model the values we want our son to exemplify as he matures into a gentleman. Our wish as fathers, is that Matteo pursues his happiness through honesty, being a courageous seeker, and most of all, trusts that everything else will fall into place, just as he fell perfectly into our lives. We celebrate his life and the transition of ours that for the longest time was frowned upon. We hid for some time, and were afraid to share this part of ourselves with others. We loved who we loved, and felt some shame about what others would say about our hopes and dreams. We almost gave up, and it is beautiful to think that we finally have a family of our own. Today that fear is gone, and we are blessed to have a beautiful family that love, and support each other's dreams.”


Photography by Shotgunning for Love
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