Newborn Photography Poses for Baby

Newborn Photography Poses for Baby

Newborn sessions can be hectic with parents getting used to their new baby's schedule. So, while I always encourage pushing your artistry to try new things, it is helpful to keep in mind these ten go-to newborn photography poses as a baseline for modern and minimal baby portraits. These are angles every parent will love to frame. As you all know, it is always important to closely observe babies at all times throughout a photo session.

Baby swaddled on back

1. Full body

2. Up close of head

On back unswaddled

3. Full body

4. Upclose of legs

5. Upclose of arms

On parents' bed, on back

6. Feet from foot of bed

7. Full body from side of bed

On parents' bed, on tummy 

8. Full body from feet side

9. Full body from head

10. Full body from side

All photographs by Kate Ignatowski

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