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Community: Flat Lay Styling with Wedding Photographer Anya Kernes

I am so pleased to share some flat lay tips from the lovely Anya Kernes, destination wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Anya has consistently impressed me with her wedding & editorial galleries which always include beautiful light filled images. Here she shares about her background, getting her work featured, and how to perfect flat lay styling. Tell us about your background and how you got into photography, how long you have been shooting weddings, etc. Photography has always been a part of my life from an early age and something that I’ve enjoyed immensely. Turning my hobby into a career happened serendipitously and I’m so thankful to be entering my 5th full time wedding season this year. A lot...

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Community : Self Care for Creative Entrepreneurs

With the holidays approaching, it feels fitting to address a topic I know my fellow creative entrepreneurs often struggle with: self care. We love our art and our businesses *so* much that it often doesn't feel like work, but I want to make a case for taking time to step back and care for our bodies and minds as a way to actually strengthen our work. Here are five ways to take better care of yourself and the benefit it can have on your business and life. I hope these tips are helpful. I am here rooting for you. - Kate   1. Caring for your mind & body through exercise. We all know self care is not always a fun activity like a relaxing...

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Community : Process with Ink & Press Co

Today's feature needs no introduction as I have had the pleasure of sharing Mikyla's artful pieces from her company Ink & Press Co. from the very beginning when we first launched.  My favorite thing about her suites is how easy they are to style, with just the right amount of contrast flowing through each element. So I am thrilled to share a peek into her background & process. Tell us about your background and how you got into calligraphy. Over the years my life has encompassed many forms of artistry. I trained as a classical ballerina for over 18 years and studied art history, photography, and painting while at university. My dream was to work in Arts Administration supporting local galleries or with...

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Community : Defining a Distinct Voice with Fine Art Photographer Kenzie Victory

As a lover of all things artful and minimal, I was immediately drawn to the work of Kenzie Victory. She has developed a recognizable aesthetic, and I am pleased to have her share her journey in wedding photography, especially how she stays true to her voice without concerning herself with industry norms that don't support her vision. Tell us about your career as a wedding photographer and what made you follow this path? I always knew I was drawn to photography but didn't realize it until later. I would stalk the magazine aisle in the grocery store while my mom was shopping so that I could look at all the ads for big fashion houses. I knew there was something about it...

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Community : Calligraphy and Film Photography with Shotgunning for Love

Nikki of Shotgunning for Love has a great range of talents. While she has been a successful calligrapher for years, she recently also taught herself film photography. Not only does she photograph her own work beautifully, but she also recently organized, styled, and photographed a brand shoot for a talented cake artist that blew me away. I am excited for her to share how she picked up film photography and her approach to photographing brand shoots.   Tell us about your background and starting Shotgunning for Love. I started Shotgunning for Love during a time that I needed quiet, mindful, imperfect moments to myself. For me, calligraphy is about patience and focus. After a major life event, my husband and I eloped. I joked...

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Community : Crafting a Unique Workshop Experience with Halide

For those of you who haven't met Elizabeth LaDuca, she is wedding photographer based in Boston with a minimal, artful aesthetic. Scrolling through her images, I feel a sense of peace, which I am certain she brings to everything she does. I was thrilled to be a small part of her recent Halide workshop, and today she is sharing her approach in formatting this community learning experience.  What was your inspiration in launching the Halide workshop experience? What sets it apart from other workshops? I’ve been passionate about film photography for many years, and often receive inquiries from other photographers seeking to develop that skill set. The idea of Halide came out of numerous conversations surrounding how shooting with film has helped evolve...

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