High quality backdrops and swaddles 

that make it easy to create 

stunning newborn photos.

done   Made with fine textiles
flight_takeoff   Easy to travel with
supervised_user_circle   Exceptional service
"A little shout out to Locust Collection for creating portable newborn photography backdrops. Way easier than lugging around a bean bag to client's homes. Place the mat eaxactly where you want it & get higher above your sbujects for easier picture taking!"
Christine Marie Photo

Made with great care

The textiles we source from around the world are of the highest quality, and so is our American manufacturing process. Then each mat goes through a rigorous inspection in-house before it's shipped out to you!

Build your business faster

We know that growing your photography business is a challenge. That is why we have made taking better photos of babies as easy and stress-free for you.

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