Styling Surface - Light Pink x Dove Gray Linen



"They quality is amazing, and they make my job easier." Emily Alyssa 


  • Dual sided, rollable styling surface
  • 24 x 36"
  • Comes packaged in a tube for storage with a 3" diameter and 24" length.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.


Pink, a soft light pink 

Dove Gray, light, greenish blue. 

Non-refundable & non-exchangeable. Please order a fabric swatch if you are unsure of your color choices.



Gentle handling ensures the surface remains free of dents. Do not fold. In the event of dent, iron without steam. Store in tube when not in use.

Clean and dry objects before placing them on the surface to avoid dirt and water stains. Immediately blot water spills and use an absorbent rag with a small amount of water and dish soap to clean off dirt. You may pretreat your surface with a stain protection spray.

Surface covers are available separately to protect the bottom side of your surface while in use.