Styling Surface - Watercolor Series I


Add an artful array of color with our Watercolor inspired series. Rollable & easily portable for photo sessions and weddings.

  • Single sided, rollable styling surface
  • 23 x 35"
  • Includes a tube for storage & transport
  • Cut & sewn in the U.S.A. with European fabric

Abstract pinks and greens with a painterly pattern and a matte velvet dimension. Velvet pile is sensitive and will come with some movement. Non-refundable & non-exchangeable. Please order a fabric swatch if you are unsure of your color choices.

  • Gentle handling ensures the surface remains free of dents. Do not fold. 
  • Smooth velvet pile movement with your hand our a soft brush.
  • Take care to clean and dry objects before placing them on the surface. Immediately blot water or dirt with a clean rag. Dry clean or wash by hand and lay flat to dry. 
  • Store rolled up around cardboard core when not in use. 

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