Styling a beautiful flatlay is an art form that requires practice, skill, creativity, and the right tools.  Here are three tips from the Amy Plant-Perdue, the talented owner of Plume Events to help you get started!

1.  Be sure to come prepared!  If you are styling at a wedding or event, remind your client to bring extra paper pieces for styling.  And don't limit the list to invitations--ask your clients to provide you with extra place cards, menus, table numbers, etc.  Having many pieces to work with gives you a lot of options and room to be creative and play.  Also be sure the client has paid for extra blooms to style with.  Most florists are happy to add these blooms on for a small fee.  Make sure you are bringing everything you need to cut, trim, clip, style, and secure items, as well. Having a few basic and neutral styling props in your kit is always helpful, too--ring boxes, ribbon, stamps, small trays, just to name a few!

2.  Start with the piece you want to be your focal point.  This piece is usually the invitation, but could be anything that has the most detail and tells the story of the design and the client the best.  Place that in the center of your styling mat on a styling block to elevate it.  If there are envelopes, place those next, flat on the styling mat.  Then layer your other pieces in, styling them on top of the envelopes and under your central piece.  Add in your styling props--rings, trays, flowers--last.

3.  Be sure to stay mindful of the principles of design, including balance, color, movement, and proportion.  If you put a "heavy" piece on one side of your styling mat for example, use another heavy piece or multiple pieces that function together on the opposite side to keep both sides balanced. Also, remember the rule of threes--one gold item or floral piece in your flatlay design can pull focus or look out of place.  Try using three touches of gold or three groupings of florals to keep the eye moving throughout the design and to ensure balance and consistent use of color.

You can find Amy's work on her website and social platforms @plumeevents

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