Sustainable Packaging Sources for Small Businesses

Sustainable Packaging Sources for Small Businesses

Over the last few months we have revamped our packaging to make zero waste and it was honestly pretty easy and costs around the same as our old packaging.

Here is a list of our sources. These are not affiliate links, we are just passionate about sustainability and hope more and more small businesses will support these companies providing eco friendly options!

Shipping Boxes EcoEnclose

These are made from 100% recycled content, are curbside recyclable, biodegradable, and made in the USA. They have standard sizes but you can also order custom sizes that best fit your products. And they even offer custom branding for a low minimum. I pay $1.81 for my custom size compared to $1.03 at Uline.

Notecards Mowhak

Mohawk is a leader in beautiful paper, so I was thrilled to find their Mohawk Renewal line which includes recycled cotton paper made from t-shirt and denim scraps. I buy the Hemp Clean White 325 gsm which is a nice weight. Then I simply cut to size and emboss my logo at the top. 

Shipping Label EcoEnclose

I used to print my labels on regular paper and then use plastic tape to adhere, which unfortunately makes the shipping box impossible to recycle unless the customer knows to remove the plastic tape. I'm so happy to now print my labels on recycled paper and to take it a step further the the labels come on a liner that is recycled and recyclable! 

Product Wrapping EcoEnclose

I wrap my surface tubes in 100% recycled white tissue paper. EcoEnclose offers custom branded recycled tissue paper as well for anyone interested.

I add a custom sticker, again made from recycled paper that comes on the recyclable liner like my shipping labels.

Cushion Filling EcoEnclose (again!)

I use the 100% recycled ornament paper shred - I like that it can be cut to size and isn't messy like individually paper shredded pieces.


Fabric Core Yazoo Mills

Our single sided surfaces are thinner and therefore transport better with a cardboard core to wrap around for support. So I was thrilled to find Yazoo Mills offers cardboard cores made with 100% recycled materials. You can add order custom sizes and add your logo for a minimal additional cost.

Carbon Shipping Offset Cloverly

Cloverly calculates the carbon emissions created from each shipment and then bills me the offset cost. It's usually just $.17 per shipment, and I like that it is automatically done on our end with every single order. It integrates easily with our Shopify store but I believe they have plenty of integration options. I also know that you have the option to ship your EcoEnclose orders carbon neutral through Cloverly.


We are continuing to work through our supply chain to find areas with room for sustainability improvement - I'm especially focused on finding an alternative to our plastic tubes & end caps which are used for storing and transporting our tubes. They are essentially part of our product but I still want to find/create a more eco friendly option. It is disappointing how hard this has been to find. 

As a small business it is easy to wonder how much of an impact you are really making, but I believe every little bit adds up especially if we are all in it together.