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How to clean your styling mat

If dirt or other residue leaves a mark on your styling mat, you can add a little dish soap and water on a clean rage. Gently rub the spot clean, absorb any water with the dry part of the rag, then lay flat to dry. We have a video tutorial here.

Our single sided velvet styling mats are machine washable. Wash on cold and tumble dry. Then iron without steam on the face of the velvet in the direction of the pile.

Unrolling your dual sided Styling Mat

Roll each end in the opposite direction and hold for a few seconds without bending. Watch a tutorial here.

Stainguarding your Styling Mat

You can apply a stainguard to your styling mat to protect it from stains. We like Vectra. Spray at an angle to create a mist and make sure you don't soak your mat. Lay flat to dry for 24 hours. Watch a tutorial here.

Storing & Traveling with your Styling Mats & Backdrops

Keep the styling mats & backdrops rolled up in the tube provided. Do not fold up. If you need to travel with more than 1 styling mat, we recommend rolling them up together and placing them in our Carrier, which fits up to 5.

How to clean your Surface Carrier

Our Styling Surface Carrier is made of organic cotton. Machine wash on cold and lay flat to dry.

How to reuse your ribbon

Our ribbon is made from durable lyocell. It is cut on a bias (diagonal across the fabric) so it has a clean edge that will develop a subtle fray with use.

If you need to, you can machine wash the ribbon on cold and tumble dry. After that, it will have a uniform subtle fray. Simply iron on high and respool to keep it wrinkle free.

Keep and reuse for years to come!

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