R O L L A B L E   S T Y L I N G   S U R F A C E

linen, wool, cotton & velvet

Always store the surface rolled up in the tube provided. Do not lay over a chair, do not fold up. 

When removing the linen & wool surfaces from their tube, you will need to gently roll the ends in the opposite direction. Do this while the surface is laying on a clean, rigid area. To roll up, always use a clean area to support the surface while you roll. Do not let it hang and roll in the air. In the event of a dent, iron your surface linen and wool surfaces directly and iron the back side only of your single sided cotton and velvet surfaces. Dual sided velvet surfaces cannot be ironed directly.

Take care to clean and dry objects before placing them on the surface. Water and/or dirt could permanently stain the fabric. Immediately blot water or dirt with a clean rag.

Surfaces may be treated with Scotchguard for extra protection. Be sure to follow the instructions on the scotchguard can and spray horizontally for a light coating to avoid drenching the surface.

Dual sided velvet surfaces include a cotton interlay to protect the sensitive pile. You can use your hand or a soft baby brush to smooth out finger prints. Be sure to brush in the direction of the pile.

For protecting your dual sided surfaces, we highly recommend purchasing a surface cover to protect the bottom side of your surface while in use. 



vegan suede with an acrylic rod

The fabric includes a water & stain resistant finish. If water spills on your backdrop, gently dab with a rag to absorb and let dry. When rolling the backdrop closed, keep the fabric on the inside.


O U T D O O R   M A T

recycled polyester, Oeko-Tex certified

Machine wash on cold. Hang or tumble dry.


S T Y L I N G   B A G

cotton canvas with linen pockets & vegan suede straps

Machine wash on cold and lay flat to dry.


S U R F A C E   C O V E R


Gently wipe with a wet rag.


S T Y L I N G   R U N N E R

belgian linen with merino & alpaca wool

Dry clean only.


S O F T   S U R F A C E

linen blend case, cotton & poly insert, cotton canvas carrier with vegan suede straps 

Machine wash linen case with cold water and tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. Spot clean cushioned insert. Machine wash canvas carrier on cold and lay flat to dry.

Store linen case in between carrier & insert until use to avoid a crease down the middle.