Our Mission

Simplify and bring beauty to your life through our thoughtfully designed styling goods.

Meet the Styling Mat

By January 2018, our founder Kate Ignatowski had been photographing destination weddings for 8 years and needed a way to create beautiful detail images without packing a cumbersome styling board. Months of prototyping, and insisting on using real, quality fabric, the rollable styling mat was invented! We launched in May of that year.

Made for You

We have continued to carefully create styling goods with the finest materials that will simplify and grow your creative business through elevated content. Larger backdrops, styling blocks, dishes, and vegan silk ribbon are some of our latest creations.

Explore Our Collection

Founder & Owner

Kate Ignatowski is the founder & owner of Locust Collection. An artist at heart, with an engineer's mind, she has a passion for creating beautiful, high quality products to serve the wedding industry. She oversees all operations, art direction, marketing, and product development.

Locust Collection honors her Grandmother, who cared ardently about thoughtful presentation, and who once owned a B&B in upstate NY called the Locust Inn.

Production Assistant

Alanna Clark is our beloved production assistant, carefully handling the final stages in creating our products. Her kind heart and strong work ethic align so closely with our brand's values. Alanna is originally from Chicago and is currently an architecture major at a local university here in Atlanta.


We care deeply about the earth and the state we will leave it in for our children. As a growing business, we are conscious of our environmental impact and take great consideration in choosing our product materials and packaging. In 2020 we launched an initiative to reduce our waste and carbon emissions, and then offset any remaining carbon emissions created in our operations. All of our packaging is now made with recycled or sustainable materials and can be reused or recycled. Additionally, all order shipments are carbon neutral.