Locust Collection was founded by Kate Ignatowski, a fine art wedding & portrait photographer. After eight years of traveling for weddings from Australia to New York, she invented the first ever dual sided rollable styling mat surface to make her life easier and knew the product could serve other destination photographers & stylists as well. Locust Collection launched with this single product in May 2018 and is pending patent status.

As the company grows, the focus remains to thoughtfully design travel friendly products with the finest textiles to support photographers, florists, & stylists in creating clean and artful imagery. 

The shop's name honors Kate's grandmother, a gracious art collector who cares ardently about thoughtful presentation and at one point owned a B&B in upstate New York called the Locust Inn.



We are conscious of our environmental impact as a growing business and take great consideration in choosing our product materials and packaging. In 2020 we launched an initiative to reduce our waste and carbon emissions, and then offset any remaining carbon emissions created in our operations. All of our packaging is now made with recycled or sustainable materials and can be reused or recycled. Additionally, all order shipments are carbon neutral.