When it comes to photographing weddings, you want to make sure that you have a clean and cohesive background in order to capture the details. Any available blank wall or floor can work in some cases, but a more cohesive textile background can really elevate your imagery and make it more appealing to clients & magazine editors. 

While our 2 x 3' rollable styling mats work perfectly for paper goods and jewelry details, we created a slightly larger and easily portable 3 x 4' photography backdrop that is also perfect for all the larger wedding details like welcome bags, cakes, and floral arrangements. 


These backdrops have a weighted rod base that allows you to rest the top on any table - no photo stand needed.

photography backdrop off white color

We hope this has inspired you to think about how you can elevate your detail images with a larger backdrop. Our backdrops are portable, easy to set up without a stand, and are made from fine textiles that will give your images an elegant look. Shop our styling mats & backdrops today and take your wedding detail images to the next level.

Styling Mats 


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