Many of us wedding creatives are in the thick of a busy season, and in order to protect our artistry, which is vital to our personal and business development growth, it's important to find moments of rest and new inspiration. Today I'm sharing a favorite poem that brings me peace when life feels hectic. I hope it does the same for you.


We love the movement in a seeming stillness,
the breath in the body of the loved one sleeping,
the highest leaves in the silent wood,
a great migration in the sky above:
the waters of the earth, the blood in the body,
the first, soft, stir in the silence beneath a strident
voice, the internal hands of our mind,
always searching for touch, thoughts seeking other
thoughts, seeking other minds, the great arrival
of form through all our hidden themes.

Our life like a breath, then, a give
and a take, a bridge, a central movement,
between singing a separate self
and learning to be selfless.



Tags: inspiration