As a wedding photographer for 10 years, I learned to always come prepared - from bringing back up equipment to having a solid timeline. And as my wedding clients became more discerning, and I noticed they wanted their wedding featured in a blog or magazine, I quickly realized I needed supplies to create beautiful detail shots that my clients would love & would help get the wedding featured. Even the most beautiful venues often didn't have a clean backdrop for photography invitations and other important heirlooms. And while the amount of things you will need to bring depends fully on your style, here are the essential items I recommend for every wedding photographer's styling kit.

Styling Bag - I recommend having a separate bag to store your styling items (apart from your photography equipment). I often also store my water bottle, change of shoes and/or evening jacket in the same bag. Depending on your style & budget, you can source anything from a simple & sturdy canvas tote to a designer bag.

Styling Surface - No styling kit is complete without a styling surface to create a clean background. We have a selection of surfaces in various colors & textures - I recommend talking with your clients or their planner to determine the color palette and overall aesthetic of the wedding and then selecting a surface that will create cohesive imagery with the rest of the day's details.

Double sided tapeUseful when you need to secure a small piece of an invitation suite down.

Gaffer's tape - This type of heavy duty tape is great for securing a styling surface to the wall to create upright detail shots. It does not leave any residue when you peel it off to take it down.

Reflector - Even with the best light, it helps to have a reflective source to bounce light into the shadows. You can buy collapsible reflectors on photography stores or even purchase white stand up displays at craft stores for about $6 - I like this option because they fold up for transport and then stand up on their own when you need them.

Flat lay riser blocks - To add dimension & shadow to individual invitation suite pieces, you can raise them up slightly with blocks. We offer sustainable birch wood blocks and you can also find clear acrylic styling blocks if you prefer.

Ring boxes - To add interest and highlight a couple's wedding rings, you can bring your own ring boxes. Depending on your style, look for a one of a kind antique box on Etsy or invest in a set of modern ones.

Accent dishes - Since most paper goods are rectangular, circular dishes are great for adding interest through different shapes. We offer a range of styling dishes as well as a set of wood bowls that double as flower supports.

Individual containers - to keep your styling bag organized, it is helpful to source storage boxes to keep your small pieces neat and protected. Art stores usually have the best options for clear boxes with many partitions. Alternatively search for a cosmetic or toiletry bag with individual compartments.


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