We recently launched our new ribbon made with a vegan alternative to silk called lyocell, but what exactly is this material? We are diving into all the answers here.


Lyocell is made by dissolving natural cellulose found in wood pump, and then setting it as a fiber. The production process to do this does not use any carbon disulfide, which is very toxic to the environment, and the amine oxide that is used to dissolve the cellulose is recovered so there is very little waste. Lyocell fabric is also biodegradable, which makes it such a sustainable textile.

How it Feels

The lyocell fabric we use to make our ribbon is super soft and airy, resembling some silks. Compared to silk ribbon, it has a slightly more substantial weight and is a bit more matte. The weight gives it a beautiful drape and it flows freely in the wind.

vegan silk bouquet ribbon


Our ribbon will hold its color even when it gets wet which means the dye will not leak onto whatever its wrapped around (like a wedding dress). To clean it, you can hand or machine wash the ribbon with cold water, then hang to dry & iron.

Making Into Ribbon

The lyocell fabric we use for the ribbon is bias cut into 2" strips and sewn together at the seams to create continuous length. We hand cut them into 5 yard pieces, iron, and roll the ribbon onto a woodespool.


We offer our ribbon in 9 colors.

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