Wool has been the textile of choice for a sophisticated aesthetic for centuries, think cashmere sweaters and fine suits. Its soft yet rich weave elevates everything around it.

When integrating the fabric into our dual sided styling surfaces, the wool is permanently pressed so it lays flat, and then it is bound in our patent pending process. This creates a rollable and compact surface for styling details like invitation suites, florals, and other products.

As a surface it is subtle, but not without dimension and texture. Available in a range of refined tones, these surfaces are transitional and can be paired with practically any style.  

Aside from its beauty, wool has a range of other wonderful qualities. It is a natural and sustainable fiber that is 100% biodegradable, and it is hypoallergenic to name a few.

While wool is naturally resistant to water and stains, when caring for your dual sided wool surfaces, we recommend spraying with a stain guard (tutorial video here) for extra protection because no fabric is fully stain proof.

For an even more durable option, we recently launched Single Sided Wool Surfaces in Camel & Onyx, which are made with a heavier weight wool that can be easily dry cleaned if necessary.

For any of our wool surfaces, when water gets on it from flowers or other spills, the fabric will naturally resist absorbing most of it. Simply brush or dump the water off and let the spots that do absorb water go ahead and dry flat.



photography styling mat in off white and light pink wool
STYLING SURFACE - Bone x Nude Wool

STYLING SURFACE - Beige x Sky Wool




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