Listed light to dark

Color Notes
Texture Notes
Oyster Linen a shade darker & warmer than bright white minimal classic linen weave
Bone Wool a cream off white with natural black thread lines  solid, soft fine threads
Flax Linen a medium natural linen  classic linen weave
Nude Wool
a warm pink, similar in lightness to beige
solid, soft fine threads
Sky Wool a cool, blueish gray, similar in lightness to beige
solid, soft fine threads
Beige Wool a little darker than flax, a warm taupe solid, soft fine threads
Camel Wool similar in lightness to beige wool, warmer
a heavier wool weave
Onyx Wool true black
a heavier wool weave


Best neutrals for...

Destination Wedding Photographers & Stylists

If you want just one, the Oyster x Flax Linen surface is timeless and versatile. For more options, pack three dual sided surfaces in our compact Surface Carrier for six color/texture options so you're covered on any wedding day. I suggest you choose two of the dual sided neutrals and one of the dual sided color surfaces. You could also fit the Bone x Nude Wool, Stone Linen x Gold Velvet, plus the single sided Camel and Onyx Wool to have a range from light to dark with Nude Wool and Sky Wool providing a muted pink and blue option in case you need a little color, while the Camel and Onyx wool work well should you find yourself needing something that can be dry cleaned later.


The fine natural wool threads in Bone x Nude Wool and Beige x Sky Wool photograph beautifully upclose providing an elevated texture that doesn't distract from your artful paper goods.


The Camel & Onyx Wool surfaces are most naturally water and stain resistant if you are regularly styling with wet florals. These surfaces are easily dry cleaned and also come in a larger 3 x 4' backdrop size for capturing your arrangements.

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