Are you a wedding photographer looking to get your work published in the glossy pages of a magazine or a popular wedding blog? In this post, we’ll look at the essential detail photographs that should be included in your submission for a better chance of catching the attention of an editor!

In general, be sure to notice anything at the wedding that is special or different and that could stand alone with a caption. You may find it helpful to send your clients a questionnaire before the wedding to gather this information beforehand. That way the couple can communicate what is important to them that may have slipped past you on the day. It's also a good opportunity to communicate how you photograph their details and how to make it efficient by having all important details set aside before you arrive.

Detail photos to include:
1. Invitation well styled with a background that fits the aesthetic of the overall wedding day. Photo by Mashaida Co


    2. Create additional flat-lay photographs if they have other paper goods that are really special like the rehearsal dinner menu or ceremony program. Photo by Anya Kernes


    3. Rings & Jewelry, especially if it’s family heirlooms. Photo by Laura Gordon



    4. Things like shoes and cufflinks only if they are really special. I don’t see these in features too regularly. Photo by Anya Kernes



    5. Gift bag if they have them. Make sure to show everything in the bag spilled out. Photo by Kate Ignatowski



    6. Outdoor view of wedding location if it’s notable. Photo by Kate Ignatowski



    7. Brides' dress and grooms' suit on them, especially if they are special. Photo by Alicia Rinka


    8. Bouquet, either on its own or with the bride holding it. Photo by Laura Gordon



    9. Bridesmaids and/or groomsmen if their outfits or relationships are unique. Photo by Mashaida


    10. Ceremony wide shot of set up (ideally empty) and close up of any special vignettes like florals or special arches. Photo by Anya Kernes


    11. Reception wide shot. Photo by Kate Ignatowski

    12. Reception tablescape long. Photo by Emily Ganey


    13. A Place setting. Photo by Anya Kernes


    14. Floral arrangement vignette. Photo by Anya Kernes


    15. Table numbers, if special. Photo by Emily Ganey


    16. Escort cards or seating chart if they are special. Photo by Emily Ganey


    17. Anything really unique during the cocktail hour or reception like a champagne tower, specialty bar, special wine/beer/cocktails with those menus or napkins if available, etc. Photo by Alicia Rinka

    18. Wedding favor, if it’s special or personal. Photo by Kate Ignatowski


    19. Food, if notable. Photo by Emily Ganey


    20. Cake or other dessert (tip: put a backdrop or surface behind the cake if there are polls or other unflattering background distractions) Photo by Kate Ignatowski

    My hope is that this list helps you remember which details to capture so that when you get around to submitting for publication, you will already have everything you need to make a lasting impression on any editor. Just remember, whether it’s a unique seating chart or an exclusive location, each photo should tell its own distinctive story about the love between two people celebrating their union.